GBTA Welcomes Second Set of Changes to Bylaws

Changes to the Composition of the Board of Directors ahead of 2021 Elections

Alexandria, VA  – The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s largest business travel association, today announced further member-approved changes to the association bylaws, including a change to the composition of the GBTA Board.

GBTA members believed the association needed to update its bylaws to reflect a growing global membership, and to prepare the association for the evolving global business travel community. Following the first set of member-approved bylaw changes on May 4, all active members were invited this time to vote on the additional bylaw changes – from both buyer and supplier communities.

“I am delighted that GBTA members have had the opportunity to steer the future of GBTA, voting for these key bylaw amendments to ensure the future success of the association. The approved new term limits ensure regularly refreshed board representation – to keep the association’s mission relevant and responsive,” said Rita Visser, Direct at Large Director.

“GBTA members also asked for more global representation on the board, so the approval of Canada and European Direct seats as well as the conversion of two new, elected allied seats guarantees that GBTA will be a truly representative global association going forward.” said Will Pinnell, Allied at Large Director.


GBTA members voted, and the following changes to the bylaws have been passed:

  • Members voted for a change to the Composition of the Board of Directors.

The number of Directors on the Board (“Directors”) will be thirteen (13), including two (2) Direct Member Officers (President and Vice President), one (1) US CPC President, two (2) Regional At Large Directors, seven (7) At Large Directors, and one (1) Allied Leadership Council President.


  • Some board positions to be recategorized.

Two (2) Direct At-Large Board Seats will be recategorized to One (1), European Region Direct Seat and One (1) Canadian Region Direct Seat; Adding two (2) Allied At-Large seats; and Eliminating One (1) Chairman seat and One (1) Allied Leadership Council Vice President seat.


  • Changes to the length of terms for Board of Directors.

Members voted for a change in the length of terms, including Instituting lifetime term limits of two (2) 2-year terms in serving on the Board of Directors. (This is with the exception of three seats elected in 2021 who will serve a 3-year term to bring the board into a 50/50 annual rotation beginning in 2022.)

The ALC President may serve no more than two (2) 2-year terms within their lifetime and will be elected by the ALC membership.

At-Large Direct or Allied Director may serve no more than two (2) 2-year terms within their lifetime unless such Director exercises their candidacy to run for an ascending position, such as Vice President or President.

President shall serve one (1) 2-year term. The Vice President shall serve one (1) 2-year term.  At the expiration of the Vice President’s term, they are eligible to run for President.


  • All active GBTA members to be allowed to vote for key board appointments

All active members will now be invited to vote at the elections for new board member seats, regardless of Allied or Direct category, including votes for President, Vice President, At-Large Directors and Regional At-Large Directors.

The U.S. CPC President and Allied Leadership Council President will be elected by their respective groups.


Nominations are also currently open for 2021 Board of Directors positions. Members may nominate themselves or others for several open board and officer seats. The deadline for nominations is May 27, 2021.

Following the changes to the bylaws announced today, the following positions are available:

  • GBTA President (1) – for a term of two years
  • GBTA Vice President (1) – for a term of two years
  • Direct Seats: Three (3) Direct At-Large Seats:
  • One (1) Regional European Seat
  • One (1) Regional Canadian Seat, and
  • One (1) At Large Seat
  • Allied Seats: (3) Allied At-Large Seats

All candidates will be announced on June 14, and GBTA will be hosting a live virtual Candidate Forum on June 15. The vote for Board members will open on June 21 and close on July 19 with the results announced at a Virtual meeting on July 20.

Bylaw Vote 2 opened May 6. The vote closed on May 21 at 5:00 PM Eastern. Third-party Election Services Corp. managed the election and is based in the United States.