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Global Business Travel Association Canada Looks Forward to Working with New Federal Government

Encourages New Government to Simplify Business Travel as Pandemic Evolves

Toronto, Ontario – Today, the Global Business Travel Association Canada (GBTA Canada) congratulated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on forming Canada’s new Federal government. GBTA Canada also commended the other party leaders, candidates and volunteers for their effort in this historic election.

“GBTA Canada congratulates Prime Minister Trudeau on forming Canada’s new Federal government and looks forward to working with all parliamentarians to support business travel and capture all the benefits that this activity brings to Canadians,” said Nancy Tudorache, Regional Vice President, Canada of GBTA. “Advancing policies that facilitate business travel not only drives commerce and trade, it also contributes to our national prosperity and that is something everyone can support as we climb out of this pandemic.”

According to GBTA Canada data, the pandemic and associated travel restrictions at the height of the pandemic, resulted in nearly a 90%, decrease in business travel that negatively impacted 600,000 jobs and reduced spending in Canada by $2.9 billion (CAD) per month. GBTA Canada encourages the new government to focus on the challenges the sector continues to face as a result of the pandemic. Some examples of the challenges the sector is currently facing include the lack of a clear and simple vaccination certification program, one that is interoperable provincially and internationally, as already in place in many countries around the world.  In addition, the lack of resources at borders making entry into Canada at some Canadian airports a multi-hour process. Ongoing border restrictions at US-Canadian land crossings also represent serious challenges to the resumption of cross-border business opportunities.

“Business travel is about making and strengthening connections, growing careers, doing deals, fostering client relationships, engaging employees, growing businesses, and stimulating economies. Whether it be a corporate meeting in Toronto, visiting an oil site Alberta or meeting with retail locations across the country, these missed opportunities represent a significant loss to the national economy in terms of tax revenue.” Tudorache added, “Our mission is to help restore and improve these interactions by reducing the obstacles to business travel.”

The Global Business Travel Association Canada recognizes that the pandemic is not over and is aware that the Delta variant is a serious concern to public health across the country. GBTA Canada is committed to working with public leaders to develop safe policies that will simplify domestic and international business travel in order to fulfill its role as an economic enabler for Canadian individuals and businesses.

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