Kevin Spacey Entertains & Inspires GBTA Convention Attendees

Featured speakers at previous GBTA Conventions have included the likes of President Bill Clinton, President George Bush, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Former Secretary of State Condoleezaa Rice and on and on. Kevin Spacey opened his session by poking fun at the fact that GBTA has run out of politicians to speak at Convention.

“I’m not a real politician, I just play one on television,” he joked. Kevin added  that he was intrigued to speak at GBTA as he initially thought it must stand for, “God Bless The Actor!”

Kevin continued entertaining the packed room with celebrity impersonations, shared stories about his unconventional path to success and discussed the importance of taking risks. Kevin spoke eloquently about the value of perseverance and urged attendees to follow their dreams and take risks despite what others may say.


Kevin talked about the risk he took to release House of Cards on Netflix turning the traditional TV show model on its head. He said he figured if you give people what they want, when they want it and in the format they want it – chances are they won’t steal it.

“My refusal to take no for an answer led me on a remarkable journey,” Spacey said about his successful career.


He concluded telling the travel industry professionals in the room, “you are the unsung heroes of a billion different journeys,” and thanked them for their leadership and care they take to get us all to our next exciting and sometimes unexpected destinations.


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