Professional development is an important aspect of growing skills, credibility, and reaching career goals. GBTA Academy courses are designed for business travel professionals, both buyers and suppliers, seeking to enhance their expertise, keep pace with industry changes, build a supporting network, and achieve recognition and advancement. Whether you are new to business travel management or have decades of experience, there is always a “next step” on the GBTA learning path.

Learning and Growth with GBTA Academy

Master the fundamentals

These courses serve as a guide to the key facets and best practices of managed travel, procurement, and meetings are designed for business travel professionals who are new to the role, have changed companies, or are looking for a different perspective to expand their programs.

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Level up your skills

GBTA Academy offers practical education for business travel professionals who are looking to become more strategic in their role in managing travel policy and taking their travel program to the next level by applying practical tools to minimize the climate impact of business travel.

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Member-Exclusive eCornell Training:

Advance your career

For experienced industry professionals committed to grow their credibility and leadership presence, GBTA in partnership with e-Cornell University offers certificates and certification programs focused on developing strong marketing, management, finance, and leadership skills in business travel.

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Partner with GBTA

GBTA’s educational toolkits provide the structure and content for Chapters and partner associations to deliver engaging in-person training enriched by practical case studies, participant pre-work, and learning discussion prompts. Additional partnership opportunities are available – please connect via a form below.

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