Lodging for the Modern Business Traveler

If you’ve ever had a terrible lodging experience, you know that the accommodations you choose can make or break your trip. Choosing the right place while on business travel is especially important, as there are certain amenities you can’t afford to miss out on, like free Wi-Fi. In recent years, companies have begun capitalizing on this by introducing rooms designed with the business traveler in mind. Even home-sharing service Airbnb now offers “business travel ready listings” that are equipped with business traveler essentials like Wi-Fi, 24-hour check-in and more.

Earlier this year at GBTA Convention, Atton Hotels’ Tatyana Li sat down with GBTA’s Shane Downey at our Broadcast Studio to share ways in which their rooms are designed for corporate travelers. Since Atton Hotels initially began as a chain in Chile, Tatyana also discussed the company’s history and ways in which it has expanded throughout the years.

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