WINiT 1:1 Mentoring Program

Coming in June

Program Overview

The WINiT 1:1 Mentoring Program is a virtual one-on-one global mentoring program with the primary objective of creating and fostering mentoring and developmental relationships focused on progressing female leaders of all levels.

The program identifies and connects WINiT by GBTA Members who are interested in participating in a mentoring relationship. The program also provides Mentors and Mentees with training and tools necessary create and build a successful mentoring relationship. The program will serve all regions around the world, women and men, and be a self-selection automated program to foster continuous support for career development and performance improvement across the business travel industry.



Who Is Eligible to Join?

GBTA members are welcome to apply to participate in the mentoring program as a mentor or a mentee.

Benefits of Participation

Mentor Benefits:

  • Assist the Mentee in developing his or her professional career and providing exposure to organization.
  • An opportunity to offer challenging ideas and encouragement to your Mentee and provide growth experiences.
  • Engage with Travel industry professionals looking to advance their careers.

Mentee Benefits:

  • Receive coaching and guidance from a professional outside of their direct department/company
  • Expand networking in the business travel industry
  • Identify specific areas to expand your skills and expertise.

How Does It Work?

Mentors and Mentees complete an online application indicating strengths and for mentees, areas of opportunity.  Mentors and mentees are matched, and the mentoring relationship begins.  The WINiT 1:1 Mentoring Platform will also serve as an on-going resource for enabling connections to chat, blog, share videos, a resource library and ultimately schedule meetings, and host events. 

Interested in becoming a Mentor or a Mentee?

Click here.