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ICYMI: Putting Safety First at Convention 2021 and Beyond

As we enter the last quarter of 2021, we are seeing the return of busy weeks for business travel, despite the slight "detour" the Delta variant had caused in recovery. Many events are welcoming business travelers in person, including GBTA's Convention in Orlando this November. It's still a challenge to travel, balancing different policies and practices between countries in Europe or in North America. However, many people have more positive predictions for the future of business travel in a post-pandemic world.

September 7, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Putting Safety First At Convention 2021
September 8, 2021: Spotlight On: Fox World Travel, 2021 WINiT Award Winner for Company Culture
September 9, 2021: Advocating for Business Travel’s Return
September 10, 2021: GBTA Calls For Details On Return To International Travel
September 11, 2021: Weekly ICYMI


Recovery Poll, COVID Policy Changes, and New Industry Technology

Recently GBTA announced the results of the August 2021 coronavirus recovery poll. This was the 22nd in a series tracking the pulse of GBTA's membership of global travel buyers, suppliers and other stakeholders on how the business travel industry overall is navigating the return to travel, post pandemic.

Tune into the GBTA podcast to hear Mark Sharoff, Research Manager, and Debbie Iannaci, head of Communications, unpack the results showing solid indicators on the road to business travel recovery, how the rise of Delta and other variants is detouring recovery progress, and how companies are approaching travel vaccination policies and employee safety protocols.

September 1, 2021: Spotlight On: Christina Woronchak
September 2, 2021: Business Travel Recovery Poll: Realistic Present, Future Outlook
September 3, 2021: GBTA Ladders: It’s Time To Invest In Our Future
September 4, 2021: Weekly ICYMI


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August 3, 2021: Stepping Through the Door
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August 5, 2021: Momentum for International Travel
August 6, 2021: It Pays to Be Heard
August 7, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 9, 2021: WINiT Ramps up for the Future
August 10, 2021: Future of the Workforce in Business Travel
August 11, 2021: Spotlight On: Christina Reichelt
August 12, 2021: A Corporate Pulse Check with GBTA’s Suzanne Neufang on Zeno Labs Live
August 13, 2021: Europe – Pushing Forward on Travel and Green Initiatives
August 14, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 16, 2021: GBTA Allied Leadership Council Elects New Leaders
August 17, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: GBTA and American Airlines Bring Sherpa to Our Members
August 18, 2021: Spotlight On: Katharine W. Farrell
August 19, 2021: Women in Tech, Episode 5
August 20, 2021: The Talk Around Travel Bans
August 21, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 23, 2021: Singapore May Test Business Travel from Some Nations Next Month
August 24, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: The Buzz Around Sustainability and Business Travel
August 25, 2021: Spotlight On: Michelle De Costa
August 26, 2021: Business Travel Continues Moving but COVID-19 Variants Introduce Uncertainty
August 27, 2021: New GBTA Podcast: Travel Bookings, Recovery and the Road Ahead
August 28, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 30, 2021: IATA Calls for EU Digital COVID Certificate to Become Global Standard
August 31, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: A Realistic Present, An Optimistic Future