Project ICARUS

Project ICARUS, a GBTA Foundation initiative, is the definitive source of information, education and support for sustainability issues in the corporate travel and meetings industry globally. This initiative is led by and targeted primarily at national and international travel buyers, suppliers and intermediaries who wish to integrate sustainability into the way they deliver travel and meetings programs, products and services.

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The goals of Project ICARUS are to:

How to Get Involved


Sustainability Committee

GBTA’s Sustainability Committee provides leadership and resources to help balance the social, economic and environmental impact of members’ business travel programs.

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Gold Medal Recognition

The Gold Medal Recognition Program has been created to recognize travel and meeting industry professionals travel buyers and suppliers who are:

  • Committed to making sustainability a core function within their business travel and meetings program or supply chain proposition and / or
  • Leading the way by commitment and actions to procure or provide best in class sustainability programs for their company, travelers and customers

The Program

To achieve our objective and to encourage the industry to act we have introduced 2 levels of recognition:

Level 1 - Commitment Level

Project ICARUS urges travel buyers and suppliers to sign up to the principles of Project ICARUS and make a statement to the industry that they are going to TAKE ACTION!

Level 2 – Gold Medal

Gold Medals are given to travel buyers and suppliers based on a review of activities that demonstrate evidence of industry leadership and actions, as well as commitment to the travelers, customers, stakeholders and shareholders served.

Gold Medals are awarded in 3 ways:

  • National: based on an application from a company operating in a specific country
  • Regional: based on an application from a company operating across a  specific GBTA region
  • Global: based on a company operating within all GBTA regions and a minimum of 10 countries.

All recipients will receive:

  • Continuous recognition on the GBTA Foundation and Project Icarus websites
  • Special recognition during the GBTA annual International Convention
  • Approval to use the Project ICARUS Gold Medal ‘badges’ on the company’s website, stationary, annual report, and other materials
  • Member of the Project ICARUS global sustainability hub

Gold Medal Partners

There are separate Gold Medal programs for travel buyers and suppliers / intermediaries. For more information on the assessment criteria and application process, please visit the links below:

  • Download details of the Gold Medal program for Travel Buyers
  • Download details of the Gold Medal program for Travel Suppliers and Intermediaries

All submissions are undertaken through a set application format and each entry will need to be supported by evidence to validate each claim.


Additional GBTA Outreach

ECPAT is a network of organizations in over 80 countries working together to protect every child’s basic human right to grow up free from the threat of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

ECPAT-USA is the leading policy organization in the United States seeking to end the commercial, sexual exploitation of children through awareness, advocacy, policy, and legislation. Contrary to popular belief, no country is immune to child sex trafficking. It is estimated that there there are 21 million victims of human trafficking across the globe.

ECPAT groups partner with the tourism industry to help them put in place policies and programs to protect children from exploitation. Their goal is for travel and tourism companies to weave child focused protection policies into their companies.

GBTA’s focus is to support ECPAT by creating a call to action for corporate travel buyers and suppliers.

For Travel Buyers

  • Establish if your company and your suppliers are knowingly, or otherwise involved?
  • Put it in RFP questions for key suppliers! View Examples >
  • Sign the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct
  • Continue to build your knowledge about the issue using the GBTA toolkit
  • Learn more by visiting ECPAT online

For Travel Suppliers

  • Discuss the issue with employees, are they seeing something?
  • Sign the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct
  • Continue to build your knowledge about the issue at ECPAT online

Companies outside of the United States, please visit ECPAT’s Don’t Look Away Campaign.

For More information:

Michelle Guelbart
Director of Private Sector Engagement
Telephone: 718-935-9192