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On the Road Again, GBTA Discusses Rules of the Road at Annual Legislative Summit and Fly-In

At today’s 17th Annual Legislative Summit, we’ll be live blogging our top issues. You can also follow along on Twitter: @GlobalBTA and join in the conversation with #GBTALegSummit.

First up, we talked through GBTA’s recently updated Rules of the Road. GBTA developed the Rules of the Road in order to make the global travel systems safer, more secure, more reliable and a better place to conduct and facilitate business.

The recent updates looked at issues around data security and privacy. GBTA believes all travelers should expect their personal information will be kept confidential. Additionally, data and information security should always be a top priority.

Global business travel in the modern age is now more complex than ever before. Travelers deserve a comprehensive set of principles to guide the overall industry, business leaders and policy makers in developing a travel ecosystem that fosters growth, jobs, safety and efficiency around the globe.

By engaging in a dialogue on these critical issues, stakeholders in the business travel community can take significant steps to optimize the global business travel infrastructure—making it safer, more secure and more productive.