Politics of Travel: Adding it up after the Boys of Summer are Gone

Greetings – it is the last week of Summer. Kids are kind of going back to school.  Vaccinations in the U.S. are rising. GBTA Convention planning is going full steam and has a detailed listing on precautions being taken on the website. It is constantly being updated, so please revisit it. Stay tuned for more information, because the summer is ending! I am excited for the Fall and getting closer to the GBTA Convention. I look forward to seeing you there!

PUZZLE SOLVED: The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives solved their dilemma of the bi – partisan Infrastructure Bill and the expected partisan reconciliation Build Back Better Agenda plan. The Moderate Democrats were opposed to passing the Budget Reconciliation plan without a set date or a immediate vote on the Senate passed Infrastructure Bill. A deal was reached for a House vote on the Senate Infrastructure Bill by September 27.

CURB YOUR EMISSIONS: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is trying to show how the Infrastructure Bill AND the Build Back Better Agenda will positively impact the environment. On Wednesday, the Senator sent a Dear Colleague Letter along with a corresponding chart showing that the two pieces of legislation would cumulatively curb greenhouse gas emissions 45 percent by 2030. You will recall President Joe Biden has put forth a call to slash emissions by 50 percent in that time frame. There is some discussion on whether this will satisfy the “Greens”.

PARTY OVER?: Once again, we have heard the European Union is considering curbing travel from the U.S. The change was recommended by Slovenia, which holds the EU’s rotating presidency and is responsible for triggering an assessment of countries allowed non-essential travel there, according to two officials familiar with the plans. Click here for more information as I am writing this on the evening of August 26. Don’t forget that GBTA has partnered with American Airlines and is offering sherpa, a tool to check current travel restrictions.

For all of us around the world, It has been another  difficult week of watching the news. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and secure. I would like to start your weekend off on a little funny note. A week ago, I was driving long distance to spend some time at the beach. A song came on and I started singing along, then had the thought  I bet Senator Mitch McConnel listens and identifies with the song!


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