PredictX Launches – AI Agent Builder for T&E Professionals exits successful Beta to Full Enterprise Launch

Intuitive platform offers tailored AI agent creation for enhanced business processes

Hamburg, Germany – November 13, 2023 – Today, at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) European convention, PredictX introduced, a tool that puts artificial intelligence in the service of the everyday business professional without fuss or complexity.

AI Tuned for T&E and Procurement

PredictX’s augments procurement, travel, and contract management professionals with the power of AI. The platform enables the automation of monotonous tasks, enhancement of policies, interpretation of data, and delivery of non-stop support to both staff and stakeholders. Featuring a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, pre-made skills and robust security controls, enables non-technical professionals to quickly create AI agents to meet their unique needs.

During its beta phase, a select group of travel and expense professionals deployed in their operations, leading to notable improvements in task efficiency and decision-making speed.

AI for Every Professional

In the spirit of making advanced technology accessible, the AI Agent Builder stands out for its simplicity and adaptability. Keesup Choe, CEO of PredictX elaborates, “We’ve crafted a tool that’s intuitive right from the start. Professionals will find the experience familiar, like using any other everyday office software, but with the profound capability to customize and refine AI agents to their specific operational needs. This isn’t about ‘using AI’ in the abstract—it’s about applying a practical, no-nonsense technology that works seamlessly out of the box and evolves in sophistication with use.”

By demystifying AI, ensures that this powerful technology is seen not as a distant ideal but as a practical asset available today, one that integrates with and enhances the workflows already in place. The AI Agent Builder is designed to be immediately useful while also possessing the depth to become more tailored and insightful over time, learning from its interactions and growing with the business.

An Optimistic View of the Future

“The integration of AI within the workspace heralds not just change, but progress,” notes Keesup Choe CEO of PredictX “We recognize that travel management teams often find themselves in a perpetual cycle of being understaffed and overburdened, routinely mired in day-to-day tasks and crisis management, with scarce opportunity for strategic or transformative work. is a solution to this predicament.”

He continues, “Envision as a recruitment tool, enabling T&E managers to ‘create’ and ’employ’ an array of virtual AI colleagues, each endowed with specialized skills to handle the routine yet crucial tasks. This innovation is about providing the much-needed respite for these teams, liberating them from the grind of daily operations to engage in the valuable work of innovation and strategy.”

A Simple Next Step

PredictX invites travel and expense professionals to see the in action, to understand its practical application, and to consider its place in their own operations. For a demonstration or to learn more, one can visit Visitors to the GBTA Conference can witness how they can build AI agents and get the benefit of the AI revolution at booth #1.