A highlight of GBTA Convention and our regional conferences each year is the many relevant, informative and valuable education sessions offered as part of the attendee experience. To ensure the selection of educational sessions is fair and timely sessions are selected, a rigorous, member-driven selection process has been implemented. GBTA’s leadership and staff is grateful for this dedicated and passionate group of engaged volunteers, who serve on the PRC. This group represents expertise in a variety of areas, represents both the buyer and supplier voice, and has a range of professional experience in travel management.

2023 Convention Peer Review Council Members

  1. Several months before an event, GBTA opens a “Call for Proposals” to GBTA members and non-members and communicates this through multiple channels. Buyers and suppliers are encouraged to submit an educational session proposal(s).
  2. A diverse group of GBTA members appointed to the PRC conducts a blind review of each proposal, and scores each on various criteria. Several hours are spent reviewing and commenting on the quality of the submissions.
  3. The final selection of educational sessions is made during a full-day meeting of key content champions. Notifications and follow-up meetings are conducted by the Professional Development staff.

2023 Convention Peer Review Council Members

Michelle Amos

Henrietta Balint

Valerie Barnes

Makiko Barrett

Kari Bigot

Liz Brown

J. Grant Caplan

Kim Conway

Annette Cumming

Mike Daly

Brenda Davis

Mateusz Domaradzki

Trish Earles

Valerie Ferraro

Leslee Fritz

Stephen Gheerow

Kristen Gibson

Ron Glickman

Robyn Grassanovits

Dave Gries

Kaaren Hamilton

Neil Hammond

Kristen Hrycoy

Bobbi Huber

Renee Huff

Christina Hutchinson

Max Izmaylov

Kate King

Michael Laumanns

Susan Levitte

Nora Lovell Marchant

Stacey Mack

Bruce McIndoe

Holly McTague

Jorge Mesa

Terri Moreno

Carine Morin

Anouar Mrissa

Sylvain Muller

Elizabeth Oliveira

Geoff Parsons

Edward Phillips

Nidia Quintero

Kristen Reeves

Christina Reichelt

Mira Rosenzweig

Jenny Sabineu

Carol Schrager

Connie Smith

Terasa Tierney

Michele Wilson

Sven Wiltink

Mark Ziegler

2022 Canada Conference Peer Review Council Members

Stephen Anderson

Chuck Crowder

Vito Curalli

Brooke Davis

Patrick Doyle

Alex Ferdinand

Bertie Fernandes

Jon Heppenstall

Sharlene Ketwaroo-Nanoo

Linda Lee

Shelly Lewchuk

Geoff Parsons

Ian Race

Connie Smith

Sue Spear

Jennifer Urquhart

2022 LATAM Conference Peer Review Council Members

Committee in the process of forming; more information to come.