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After completion of the Global Leadership Professional (GLP) certificate program covering four topics, participants are eligible to take part in the next phase of the program in the Global Leadership Professional Designation.

The GLP Designation program provides an opportunity to build upon the knowledge and expertise they have gained during the GLP educational program, utilize the various skills, and put it to practical use through the creation of an industry project that strives to inform and improve the business travel industry.

This year-long program kicks off with an in-person meeting at GBTA Convention where participants meet with their cohort to begin developing their solutions-based project. Your Cohort leader, Dr. Amanda Cecil CMP, is available for virtual consultations to provide feedback and assistance throughout the year. The program concludes with a presentation at the following GBTA Convention, where participants will finalize and present their projects to earn the GLP designation.

How it Works

Program Duration
1 Year

Class Size
Maximum 20 Participants


Collaborative Learning

Key Program Takeaways

  • Peer collaboration and networking
  • Practical application of acquired skills in Management, Marketing, Leadership and Finance
  • Hands-on research and solutions development
  • Enhanced perspective for continued growth
  • Ability to demonstrate thought leadership through sharing your project and proposed solution

What You’ll Earn

  • Global Leadership Professional Certificate from GBTA and Cornell University
  • Use of the GLP Designation (ex: John Smith, GLP)
  • 20 GTP Recertification Credits

Who Should Participate

  • Individuals who have completed the 4 topics in the GLP Certificate Program (Finance, Management, Marketing, Leadership)
  • Business travel professionals from both buyer and supplier sides, who have an interest in applying their masters level learnings towards solving an industry challenge
  • Those with an interest and ability to contribute to industry education during the annual GBTA Convention

Program Length: 1 year commitment
Maximum Participants: 20
Effort: Regular virtual meetings with cohort members to develop project, including collecting data, or finalizing the presentation
Format: Virtual with two in-person meetings at GBTA Convention 2023 and 2024