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GBTA Professional Development is designed to power the careers of business travel professionals using education and certification to fuel recognition and advancement. Education and training makes individuals more knowledgeable and competitive in the marketplace. GBTA provides education for business travel professionals at every level of his/her career; whether you are new to business travel management or have decades of experience there is always a “next step” on the GBTA learning path.


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Professional Development FAQ

What is the difference between a certificate and a certification program?

A certificate is given following an education and training course that has specific learning outcomes. A certification is a standardized test that measures competencies in the profession.

What is the Global Travel Professional ® (GTP) Certification?

The GTP is the premier certification for the business travel professional. The certification is a computer-based examination consisting of 125 multiple choice questions administered in a 3-hour timeframe.

When should I take the GTP® Certification exam?

You may take the GTP Certification exam once you’ve prepared for the exam, completed the application process, and are deemed eligible to sit for the exam. The exam application is available now at

What?s the difference between the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) program/designation and the Global Travel Professional® (GTP) certification?

The Global Leadership Professional (GLP) is the designation within the Leader-Level education program that centers on business strategy and leadership for senior managers in business travel. The Global Travel Professional (GTP) is a certification process that is independent from educational programs or training courses. It is an exam used to measure proficiency in the competencies of the business travel profession.

Do I need to take any of the education programs (Fundamentals, Advanced Principles or GLP) to take the GTP' exam?

The education programs are not a requirement for the GTP exam.

I have worked in the travel industry for over ten years. How can professional development help me at this point in my career?

Education and training makes individuals more knowledgeable and competitive in the marketplace. The industry has evolved dramatically over the last ten years and you must keep up with the latest trends, best-practices and regulations to continue to be an effective business travel professional.

Where should I direct any questions?

Send your questions and ideas to the GBTA Professional Development team at

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