Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Program

GBTA launched its first ever “immersion” model for Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) program in March 2019. Showcasing award winning academics from renowned universities, this is the only masters-level course for travel professionals. The “immersive” curriculum has been enhanced to integrate meaningful classroom structured learning, combined with experiential, less structured, multi-stakeholder, knowledge-exchange model.


The GLP Program offers a wide range of benefits to participants and their organizations, including

  • Become part of a network of global peers
  • Understand advanced business principles
  • Interact with renowned faculty members
  • Develop team approaches and strategies for solving problems
  • Earn recognition for your achievement

Courses and Rates:

GBTA Members: $995 (Special member rate)
Non-Member Directs, Indirects and Allieds: $1,355 (Includes 1-year membership)
Non-Member Government, Non-Profit or Educator: $1,095 (Includes 1-year membership)



Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) - Finance

Chicago, IL - USA

Competency: Finance

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Individual Courses:

Individual GLP Courses are designed to address one of the four primary competencies for mid to senior-level industry professionals to expand their knowledge and stay current with the latest trends in the industry.

The three main competencies are:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Individuals are not required to enroll in the complete program and are welcome to attend any course that is offered.

Certificate of Professional Development:

The Certificate of Professional Development is obtained by successfully completing four courses within twenty-four months (24), including one course in each of the four main competencies.

Successful completion of The Certificate of Professional Development is a prerequisite for the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation.

Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation

Registration Rate: $5,000

The Global Leadership Professional® Designation is the pinnacle of achievement for business travel professionals. This 12-month program consists of several components centered on a collaborative, industry-related project:

  • Begins with a 2-day, on-site session where work groups and projects will be assigned
  • 3 web-based virtual classrooms over a 9-month course
  • Additional instructions and opportunities to work with peers on your assigned project will be provided
  • A final 1-day, on-site session where projects will be finalized and presented at GBTA Convention

Convince Your Boss:

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“The ability to look at things in a larger perspective, networking opportunity with other business experts, the learning experience from a Harvard fellow” - Daisy Francisco, Husky Injection Molding Systems

“The most significant takeaway from this session the framework for creativity and idea generation. The content was taught in such a way that I can easily come back to my organization and use the methodology to further develop organizational creativity and intrapreneurship” - Samantha Bean, LTD Hospitality Group

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