Global Leadership Professional®(GLP): Management 

Innovation Masterclass: Accelerating the Innovator Within You

Instructor: Dr. David Ricketts, Harvard Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center

March 25-26, 2019, Cvent Headquarters, Tysons Corner, VA

This program was designed for corporate travel and meetings professionals seeking ways to engage and apply innovation within their companies and professional roles. Presented by Dr. David Ricketts, from Harvard University, whose experiences include teaching executive and leadership teams across the globe on applying and leveraging innovation for their business.

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Breakfast and registration


Welcome by GBTA and Cvent

Edward Barrett, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, GBTA

Stephen Carroll, Senior Director, Marketing Partnerships, Cvent

Introduction of participants


Disruptive Innovation 

Presented by Dr. David Ricketts, Harvard Innovation Fellow

  • You as the innovator
  • How to create disruptive innovations
  • Creativity in action - how do our minds think and how you can think differently




Disruptive Innovation (contd.)


Networking Lunch


Profiles in Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization.

  • Learn how a person with a vision took a risk to help at risk clients creating a new successful business unit in the process
    Presented by Erin Phelps, Senior Manager, Customer Retention, Cvent
  • Renovation: Improving the status quo, takes guts and only truly dedicated receive the glory.  Learn how an intrapreneur made his vision a reality, and helped a company reimagine its entire user interface
    Presented by Nathan Chin, Product Manager, Cvent
  • Innovation: How one idea, and a few stanch believers lead to an entire new line of business, focused on enhancing the onsite experience
    Presented by McNeel Keenan, Senior Director, Product Development, Cvent


Visit the Cvent Technology Lab

See first-hand how one idea is shaping the current and future onsite experience




Developing creative ideas and solving problems your competition can't

Presented by Dr. David Ricketts, Harvard Innovation Fellow

  • Frameworks for creativity and idea generation
  • Finding solutions to your hardest problems
  • Developing organizational creativity

4:00pm – 4:30pm

Industry Challenges

Presented by members of Cvent team with attendee engagement

Adjourn for the day




Discovering new value and developing breakthrough products

Presented by Dr. David Ricketts, Harvard Innovation Fellow

  • Discover how to find the unspoken needs of your customers
  • Translating ideas to breakthrough products


Innovation short story and thank you for attending

From Reggie Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Cvent




Discovering new value and developing breakthrough products (contd.)

Presented by Dr. David Rickett, Harvard Innovation Fellow


Questions, take-aways, closing remarks and wrap-up


Networking Lunch