Uma retrospectiva dos anos 90

Looking back on the nineties, a few things come to mind: wearing slap bracelets and block-heeled shoes, religiously watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and even handpicking VHS tapes at Blockbuster – the ‘90s were truly a glorious time. Throughout this decade, GBTA, then known as the National Business Travel Association (NBTA), hosted a range of conferences and events including our annual Convention.

In honor of our 50º anniversary of Convention in San Diego this August, we’re celebrating by taking a look at our past through a series of throwback posts. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a glance at our milestones through this time period.

1992-1996 – Commemorative Pins from past NBTA Conventions, including the 25º annual event in Pittsburgh

1995 – A Proclamation of Welcome to NBTA from the city of Cleveland

1997 – A snapshot of the lunch crowd at Convention in St. Louis

1998 – The 30º annual NBTA Convention and Exhibition in Orlando featured a session called “Internet Resource Center: Introduction to the Internet”


1998 – A photo of the NBTA Registration area

and don't forget the Expo Floor!

1998BusinessWeek story on corporate travel and “the newly aggressive steps that businesses are taking to avoid paying the highest fares”

1999 – A photo from a Board of Director’s meeting featuring everyone’s favorite overhead projector!

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