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ECTAA Calls on EU Member States to Better Manage Travel Restrictions and Travel Warnings

ECTAA Calls on EU Member States to Better Manage Travel Restrictions and Travel Warnings

The European Council revised yesterday the ‘white list’ of countries for which the ban on non-essential travel into the EU should be lifted. In the initial list adopted by Recommendation on 30 June, Member States agreed to lift the travel ban for citizens of 14 countries, based on the epidemiological situation and containment measures put in place, as well as economic and social considerations. In the revised list, two countries have been removed (Serbia and Montenegro), while no new countries were added. Continue Reading >>


Atualização COVID-19

Reopen News: NYC Phase 4 Reopening Set for Monday with Some Changes (ABC)

Singapore Imposes Stricter Quarantine Requirements for Visitors from Hong Kong, Australia and Japan (VIAJANTE DE NEGÓCIOS)

Starting July 23, US to Resume Passenger Flights to India (CNBC)

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GBTA Global Research:
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GBTA Research is the premier resource on all topics affecting the business travel industry. Our research and tools allow business travel professionals to stay up-to-date on trends and topics that shape the industry and leverage that knowledge to help them be more effective in their roles. GBTA has compiled a list of the most viewed research studies of 2019-2020.

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Reserve a data! Câmara Municipal GBTA Canadá
July 22 – This Wednesday!

Troque informações, ferramentas e recursos valiosos que apoiam nossa comunidade durante a pandemia de COVID-19 durante as prefeituras do GBTA Canadá.

This week’s Town Hall features COVID-19 updates from the Canadian Government.

As gravações anteriores da Câmara Municipal também estão disponíveis para visualização.

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Meetings Advisory Senior Executive

Supporting the Head of Meetings Advisory in creating and establishing a new Meetings Advisory Team to support all aspects of company shareholder meetings. This includes setting up and managing a team to support the registration of shareholders at client led events, checking and reviewing meeting notices pre event, working with clients testing voting files, providing support and advice to clients and their advisors/lawyers, creating and enhancing procedures, acting as a ‘go to’ point for key clients and Relationship Managers.

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Notícias da indústria aeronáutica

Could Coronavirus Lead to the End of Change Fees? (VOO SIMPLES)

Cathay Pacific Launches New Health and Hygiene Initiative (VIAJANTE DE NEGÓCIOS)

Manchester Airport Reopens Terminal 2 (VIAJANTE DE NEGÓCIOS)

Notícias do setor hoteleiro

Hotel Industry Releases Top 5 Requirements to Travel Safely (FONTE)

Radisson Opens Atlanta Airport Property (VIAJANTE DE NEGÓCIOS)

Mais notícias do setor

GBTA Poll Results Show When Will Business Travel Resume (FTN NEWS) - CARACTERÍSTICAS GBTA

Groupize Launches New Risk-Focused Assessment Tool and Platform Enhancements Focused on Risk Mitigation (NOTÍCIAS DIÁRIAS DE VIAGEM)

Notícias do setor de transporte terrestre

ACRA Helps Car Rental Companies Navigate Stimulus Packages (NOTÍCIAS DE ALUGUEL AUTOMÁTICO)

Most Fleets Back to Work, Though Future Uncertainty Remains (NOTÍCIAS DE ALUGUEL AUTOMÁTICO)


GBTA Statement on Coronavirus & Poll Results
Read the GBTA statement on the Coronavirus along with poll results from business travel professionals. View Now >>


Resumo do WorldAware Intelligence

Argentina – Authorities to Launch Recovery Plan, Gradually Ease Restrictions

Norway – Officials Remove Quarantine Requirement for Most European Union Arrivals

Singapore – Authorities Require Arriving Travelers from High-risk Areas to Quarantine at Designated Facilities

United States – Activist and Labor Groups to Strike and Protest in Several Cities

United States – Inclement Weather and Possible Flooding Forecast Across Northern Region


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