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The Road to Recovery Continues September 14

The Road to Recovery Continues September 14

The all-new GBTA Collaboratory will continue September 14-18 with the theme of Virtual Payment Solutions. This webinar series continues provide perspectives, best practices, expert insight, and actionable takeaways to address the issues facing the global business travel industry.

Week 4 Webinars include:

  • Benefits of Offering Contactless Payment Options
  • Crawl, Walk, Run: Quickly Launching a Virtual Payment Program
  • Buyer Discussion: Virtual Payments for the Future of Travel
  • The Impact of Regulation on Global Payments
  • Virtual Payments: A Touchless Future?

Registration for Week 4 is now open.

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Atualizações da COVID-19

Coronavirus US: Daily Cases Fall to Lowest in Two Months (THE DAILY MAIL)

The Oxford University AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Has Been Paused – Should We Be Worried? (O GUARDIÃO)

Nine Biopharma Companies Make Safety Pledge (CNBC)

Mais artigos/links úteis

Centros de Controle e Prevenção de Doenças (CDC)

Alfândega e Proteção de Fronteiras dos EUA (CBP)

Administração de Segurança de Transporte (TSA)


Destaques da Colaboração GBTA

Register Now for Next Monday’s GBTA Collaboratory 2020 Webinar:
Benefits of Offering Contactless Payment Options
Monday, September 14 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET

With an increasing demand for digital payments worldwide during COVID-19, businesses must consider offering contactless payments to provide safe and convenient ways to process transactions. Jim McGowan, Marqeta’s Head of eCommerce, will provide insight into the accelerating movement toward a more cashless society and the need for the travel industry to adopt digital payment options. Join us to explore the modern technologies that are available today and learn how the travel industry can benefit from them.

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September 14-18 Collaboratory Webinars Made Possible by Marqeta


Highlights from Week 3

CHRO Insight: Getting the Team Back on the Road Safely

Hear from one of our industry’s leading human resource and travel experts, Patti Huska, as she discusses the challenges of leading a global team through this pandemic crisis.
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A New How-To: Traveler Communication & Policy Compliance

One of the most underutilized policy compliance strategies is traveler communication. Traveler messaging, marketing and change management can spur engagement and compliance. Learn how to deliver messaging that creates the traveler action you desire.

Insights from Elizabeth Bari
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Insights from Will Tate
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Patrocine o GBTA Collaboratory 2020

Sponsorships Available!
Sponsorship opportunities are available on a weekly basis. Gain brand recognition and show your support!

Sponsorships include an opportunity to speak about the week’s topic and having your company’s logo highlighted on the website, within all promotional emails, in thank you emails to webinar registrants, and on social media.

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Destaque do trabalho

Director, Travel and Relocation
Washington, DC

The purpose of this position is to serve as the Director, Travel and Relocation in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The incumbent advises the CFO and other staff on travel and relocation regulations, policies and procedures.

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Notícias de tendências do setor

Notícias da indústria aeronáutica

How Delta Set the Standard for the Airline Industry’s COVID-19 Response  (CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER)

Etihad Airways Keeps Guests Protected With Global COVID-19 Insurance (NOTÍCIAS DIÁRIAS DE VIAGEM)

Air Astana Launches New Direct Flight to Frankfurt (NOTÍCIAS DIÁRIAS DE VIAGEM)

Data Aids Airline Recovery (IATA)

Southwest Airlines Rolls Out App-Free in Flight Entertainment (VOO SIMPLES)

Notícias do setor hoteleiro

Hotelbeds Signs Distribution Agreement with Ascott to Grow Global Portfolio (NOTÍCIAS DIÁRIAS DE VIAGEM)

IHG Signs Two New Hotels in Bangladesh (4 HOTELEIROS)

Mais notícias do setor

WTTC Calls for ‘Air Corridors’ Between Key Global Cities to Restore Business Travel (REDE DE HOSPITALIDADE)

Sixt Launches Subscription Service in U.S. (NOTÍCIAS DE ALUGUEL AUTOMÁTICO)


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Oportunidades de palestra

GBTA Collaboratory speaking opportunities are available. If interested, please submit the Formulário de Interesse do Palestrante.


Resumo do WorldAware Intelligence

Algeria, France, Monaco, Spain and Tunisia – Slow-Moving System to Bring Rounds of Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms to Western Mediterranean Region Through Sept. 11

China – Authorities to Ease Some Coronavirus Disease-Related Restrictions in Hong Kong

United States – Heavy Snowfall and Strong Winds Forecast Across Western Regions

United States – Officials in New York State Update Coronavirus Disease-Related Travel Advisory List

United States – Officials in Washington, DC Update Traveler Self-quarantine List


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