GBTA e viajantes unidos ao congresso: não taxe viagens novamente

Alexandria, VA (November 8, 2017) – Today, the Global Business Travel Association and Travelers United sent a joint letter to Congress urging opposition to a proposal that would increase the cap on the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC). In July, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted unanimously (31-0) to approve a proposal included in the FY2018 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD) Appropriations Act, that would increase the cap on the PFC from $4.50 to $8.50. The estimated cost, $2.6 billion, would be levied on all travelers purchasing airlines tickets.

“Este é mais um imposto sobre o custo de fazer negócios nos Estados Unidos”, disse Michael W. McCormick, diretor executivo e COO da GBTA. “Isso enfraquece a capacidade dos Estados Unidos de competir em um mercado global cada vez mais competitivo. Limita o retorno do investimento em viagens de negócios – um impulsionador econômico comprovado que contribui para o PIB, empregos e salários. Além disso, esse aumento de PFC adiciona um elemento de incerteza para nossos membros à medida que finalizam seus orçamentos para o próximo ano civil.”

GBTA research shows that for every 1 percent change in business travel spending, the U.S. economy gains or loses 74,000 jobs, $5.5 billion in GDP, $3.3 billion in wages and $1.3 billion in taxes. Conversely, taxes and fees associated with travel have the opposite effect.

This is the second letter GBTA has sent to Congress regarding the PFC increase. Prior to consideration of the FY2018 THUD Appropriations Act, GBTA sent a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee expressing concern regarding the unintended consequences of such a fee increase on the business traveler. GBTA continues to oppose PFC increases ensuring business travelers do not bear an undue burden from ever-increasing taxes and fees.


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