GBTA anuncia nomeações para seu Comitê de Diversidade, Equidade e Inclusão (DEI)

Alexandria, Virginia (March 24, 2021) – The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) – the world’s largest business travel association and worldwide leader in education, research, networking, and advocacy for the industry – announced today its first-ever globally curated committee to drive the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda for its global members and constituents. The individuals appointed have been selected based on their strong and varied backgrounds and the contributions and insights they will bring to GBTA’s global membership.

Its mission will be to increase global awareness within the business travel industry of the many DEI-related issues facing travelers and colleagues – in the workplace, travelling, attending meetings, or handling travel needs. The committee will provide the resources, education, and support to enable the travel industry to embrace and drive diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizations and our industry at-large.

The Members announced today are:

  • J. Grant Caplan, Chair – U.S.
  • Carol Fergus, Vice Chair – U.K.
  • Sharlene Ketwaroo-Nanoo, Vice Chair – Canada
  • Nidia Quintero, Vice Chair – Latin America
  • Eric Barger, Airlines Reporting Corporation – U.S.
  • Claire Barrie, Synergy Global Housing – U.K
  • Linda Bekoe, About Partners – U.K.
  • Jill Brady, Bank of America – U.S.
  • Maria Chevalier, PredictX – U.S.
  • Shawn Cole, Delta Air Lines – U.S.
  • Alex Ferdinand, BWH Hotel Group – Canada
  • Stephen Gheerow, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – U.S.
  • Pauline Houston, SilverDoor Apartments U.K.
  • Rick Louie, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco – U.S.
  • Chris Maguire, TripBAM – U.S.
  • Micah Nerio, Morgan Stanley – U.S.
  • Jon Purpura, United Airlines – U.S.
  • Teresa Rolack, Peloton Interactive – U.S.
  • Nick Spanoudis, Amazon – U.S.
  • Emma Wilson, Sabre – U.K.
  • Robyn Christie – South Africa

“It’s exciting to be leading such a talented and engaged group of business travel professionals in this worthy mission,” said DEI Committee Chair J. Grant Caplan. “As we begin our work, I have no doubt such a talented and passionate group of professionals can reach many significant milestones for diversity, equity and inclusion for the industry and travelers around the world.”

“This committee will lead the charge of making travel more productive, safe and comfortable while ensuring that inclusion and diversity remain at the forefront,“ said GBTA President, Bhart Sarin. “Our Board is excited to see how this new focus, and its practical application, can benefit travelers, corporations and the industry as a whole.”

The committee will join 19 other active committees already part of GBTA.

For more information on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, click here.



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