GBTA divulga novas regras do logotipo da estrada na Cúpula Legislativa

At GBTA’s Legislative Summit last year, we unveiled our new Rules of the Road to optimize business travel. GBTA mobilized its members to create this declaration of travel reform to guide industry, business leaders and policy makers in creating a travel ecosystem that fosters growth, jobs, safety and efficiency around the globe.

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Regras da estrada consists of eight guiding principles including safety and security, taxes, competition, fee clarity, communication, innovation, traveler experience and quality and connectivity. Together these principles will help to make the global travel systems safer, more secure, more reliable and a better place to conduct and facilitate business.

Since the launch, we have honored 11 Senators and Representatives who have been strong champions for business travelers and the business travel industry with GBTA’s inaugural Navigator Award. We showcased the new Rules in front of our nearly 7,000 attendees at Convention. We have worked tirelessly advocating in the United States and Europe to ensure policymakers consider these principles as they create laws and rules that impact the industry.

It is equally important that the Regras da estrada goes beyond just legislative action. Buyers, suppliers and the entire business travel community need to consider these principles and make sure any new policies and products are viewed through the lens of the Regras da estrada, ensuring the needs of the business traveler and travel professional are met.

Today, at this year’s Legislative Summit we unveil a new Rules of the Road logo, so that you can quickly identify new policies and products in support of – or against – the spirit of these important principles. Follow me on Twitter and keep an eye on stories in our Daily News Brief accompanied by this logo to stay up to date on the ever-changing nature of business travel.

Articles that highlight positive examples in support of the Rules will be accompanied by the green check logo:

Those that showcase negative examples that may go against one or more of the principles will have the red X icon next to them:

We’ll keep you in the know on whether or not companies and Congress are working in the best interest of the business travel community.