Tell your story to a super-targeted audience of business travel professionals by sponsoring a GBTA Podcast. Listeners of the GBTA Podcast are loyal and engaged professionals who are looking to learn more about the topics that drive the business travel industry. Podcasts are generally between 30 minutes to an hour. Start listening today

  • One 30-minute Podcast to be recorded with the GBTA marketing team producer, and edited by GBTA
  • Sponsor company will be recognized in the podcast description and marketing materials for making the podcast possible
  • Recording of company sponsored audio Podcast will be launched in the GBTA Daily News Brief (DNB) and available on GBTA website, Spotify, iTunes and all other popular podcast platforms indefinitely
  • Company will be provided the link to the Podcast recording once it is aired on GBTA’s Podcast channels
  • The Podcast is limited to no more than two subject-matter experts and one GBTA provided interviewer
  • The Podcast must deliver relevant educational content, however may be customized to the Company’s product, service, or offering in a non-commercial manner
  • The Podcast topic and questions are subject to GBTA approval, to ensure an educational value and non-commercial quality
  • Space is limited and recording times are based on availability

Preços: – $2,500 per episode