A melhor companhia aérea para viajantes de negócios

A couple of days ago, Forbes contributor Grant Martin revealed the best airlines for business travelers by reviewing the various business class amenities offered by United, Delta and Jet Blue. Since we aren’t partial to one airline in particular and we don’t want to spoil the surprise, you can check out the article aqui.

In addition to being a GBTA Convention 2016 exhibitor, United happens to be a Star Alliance member airline. GBTA’s Caitlin Gomez had the opportunity to chat with Star Alliance’s Olav Glorvigen at our Broadcast Studio last summer to discuss compliance and antitrust issues.

The two also discussed the future of Star Alliance and the complex nature of the alliances. Olav mentioned, “The customers – they appreciate that we look out for them, secure them, make sure that we protect them in an ever-changing environment when it comes to ATI laws.”

Veja o vídeo completo aqui:

YouTube video

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