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Semana em Revisão

Start your Monday off by catching up on last week’s business travel news. In a show of continuing evolution of the airline industry, American Airlines is modifying its AAdvantage program according to The Motley Fool. Joining rivals United Continental and Delta, American Airlines confirmed that it will move to a revenue-based earning system for its AAdvantage loyalty program in August.

While business travelers may or may not appreciate the changes that airlines are making to their rewards programs, a majority of travelers say that they enjoy their airport experience de acordo com 4 Hoteliers. Traveler’s airport experiences may get better this summer, as well. EUA hoje relata que Congress has approved funds to add more TSA agents to help alleviate the long lines many travelers have experienced this year.

TSA lines may be improving, but according to The Chicago Tribune, a shortage of air traffic controllers is now causing delays, as well. Internationally, the transportation strike in France continues to disrupt international business and leisure travelers as additional strikes loom, per Compra de viagens de negócios.

Despite a rise in a new segment of competitors from ride share services, EUA hoje relata que rental car companies continue to do well by expanding their fleets and seeing an increase in revenue. Although rental car companies are booming, taxis are struggling as more and more business travelers opt for ride sharing services, de acordo com The Economist.

Skift reports the findings of a study that found that Millennials are more likely to use an agent than any demographic group of older travelers. Not only are Millennials more likely to use travel agents, but their behaviors are changing the hotel industry, as well. CNN relata que many hotel chains no longer sell rooms, but sell experiences to keep up with customer’s changing demands.

I leave you with two lists for this week from Tendências para pequenas empresas e Skift.

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