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On Monday, President Trump signed a revised executive order following his initial January 27 travel ban that was halted by court order.

De acordo com Skift, European companies anticipate a reduction of business travel to the United States because of the new orderForty-five percent of European business travel professionals indicated their company will be less willing to plan future meetings and events in the U.S., and 38 percent said their companies would be less willing to send business travelers to the U.S. as a result.

O economista pointed out that a clause in the revised order could cause problems for all visitors entering or exiting the country. A section in the order directs the secretary of homeland security to complete and implement biometric tracking for inscope travelers, which could require these visitors to line up at an additional security line.

De acordo com O jornal New York Times, the European Parliament passed a nonbinding resolution that could suspend visa-free travel for American citizens. This resulted because the U.S. does not offer full reciprocity, requiring citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania to receive a visa to visit the country.

Quartz relatórios Qatar Airways plans to enter India’s aviation market with the launch of a domestic airline.

De acordo com Condé Nast Traveler, the TSA introduced more comprehensive pat-down procedures by gradually rolling them out at airports across the country.

Skift relatórios Qatar Airways unveiled a new business class product, featuring double-bed seats that turn into meeting areas.

De acordo com Skift, the European Union adopted new rules to tighten border security and better track people who may have traveled to fight in war zones.

4Hoteleiros relatórios U.S. hotel transactions accounted for nearly 50 percent of all global sales in 2016, totaling $29 billion.

GBTA launched a contest, giving exhibitors the chance to win VIP seats to Convention Arena Luncheon with Michael Phelps.

Compra de viagens de negócios relatórios British Airways is set to cut legroom on some of its short-haul flights.

De acordo com TravelDailyNews International, a new air traffic control strike wave in France could result in more than 1,000 flight cancellations.

De acordo com Viajante de negócios, a ground crew strike in Berlin is causing major disruption, with reports of over 650 flights already cancelled.


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