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De acordo com O jornal New York Times, two federal judges have ruled against Trump’s second travel ban. On Wednesday evening, a federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order blocking the ban, and a second federal judge in Maryland issued a separate order preventing the ban.

On Thursday morning, President Trump released a blueprint highlighting the Administration’s top-line budget priorities for fiscal year 2018. It includes proposals to privatize air traffic control, cut certain TSA screening programs and increase the passenger security fee. While GBTA commends efforts to modernize air traffic control, we strongly discourage cuts to TSA funding and increasing the passenger security fee.

EUA HOJE relatórios American and Delta have announced modifications to the way passengers board planes.

De acordo com Compra de viagens de negócios, a recent GBTA study revealed business travelers view terrorism as the greatest safety risk they face while on the road. The study delved into business traveler attitudes and perceptions of safety risks while traveling.

Last week, the European Parliament passed a nonbinding resolution that could suspend visa-free travel for American citizens. According to Travel Agent Central, suspension of visa-free travel between the EU and U.S. would have negative consequences.

Business Insider relatórios American Airlines is bringing back free meals on select domestic flights, most likely in an effort to compete with Delta.

De acordo com CNN, an airline passenger’s battery-powered headphones caught fire midflight. The batteries most likely caused the fire, but authorities are still investigating to determine the exact cause.