Rep. Diaz Balart says No to PFCs at GBTA Legislative Symposium

Rep. Mario Diaz Balart (R-FL) today earned a round of applause from attendees at GBTA Legislative Symposium 2015 after stating that the appropriations bill that just came out of his Transportation Subcommittee did not include an increase to the passenger facility charge (PFC). Although he noted that there is a long road ahead, Diaz Balart said he didn’t expect the PFC cap to go up while Republicans were leading the House and Senate.


Shifting focus to the FAA, Diaz Balart explained that he believes his subcommittee has written a responsible bill that ensures vital programs, like NextGen, are funded.

Hailing from South Florida, Diaz Balart understands the importance of travel and tourism, positing that a viable, efficient and safe transportation system is vital to the future of our tourism industry.

Rep. Diaz Balart had a very different take on lifting the Cuba embargo than Sen. Klobuchar, who spoke before him, leading to a spirited debate between the Representative and attendees. It is moments like this that show your voice does matter and it is amazing to live in a country where you can have an open and honest debate with a member of the government.