Rep. Katko To Introduce Legislation Ending Managed Inclusion in PreCheck

Rep. John Katko (R-NY) today told attendees at GBTA Legislative Symposium 2015 that he plans on introducing bipartisan legislation that would put an end to managed inclusion in PreCheck – the practice of enabling travelers who have not been screened for PreCheck to go through the PreCheck lane.

“Managed inclusion defies the logic of what PreCheck is,” Katko told attendees.


Katko added that he plans on calling on TSA to enable airports to set up PreCheck kiosks within their buildings where travelers could sign up for the program and then later participate in the follow-up interview. If PreCheck was overseen by the private sector, this would have already happened, Katko asserted.

Katko further said he plans on expanding the Visa Waiver Program, although he stressed that security is paramount. We need to ensure that our foreign partners are screening participants properly, and that together we find a way to properly track the thousands who are traveling to Syria to fight for ISIS, Katko explained.

Although Katko is new to Congress – he has already made an impact. Early in the session, Katko learned about a traveler who was able to fly with a backpack full of guns, thanks to a loophole in security that enables employees with airport access to avoid security. His committee held a hearing to get to the bottom of the issue – and security changes are being made. A follow up hearing will be taking place this week.