Rolling Out the New Car Rental RFP

Any travel buyer or supplier knows how lengthy and time-consuming the request for proposal (RFP) process can be. They are often associated with mountains of paperwork and hours of effort, but all of that is set to change with the introduction of the new GBTA Car Rental RFP.

After an extensive development process, the GBTA Foundation recently revealed an updated Car Rental RFP, in partnership with Enterprise Holdings, Inc. GBTA Foundation Research Project Director Monica Sanchez and Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Global Sustainability Manager Claire Carstensen discussed how the RFP is designed to streamline the process for travel buyers and suppliers alike in a webinar titled Rolling Out the New Car Rental RFP.

Updates include the addition of a consolidated sustainability section and revisions to the sales section to provide a more concise and organized view. The new RFP is unique in providing a consistent framework for comparing sustainability practices and allows suppliers to highlight their sustainability efforts by including sustainability reports.

As time goes on, the RFP will continue to be reviewed to ensure it stays current abreast changes in the business travel industry. The Car Rental RFP is available free of charge to all here.

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