Safety and Awareness Support for Female Travelers

Nearly two-thirds of travelers today are women, reports the George Washington University School of Business. Many of these women travel solo for business, with the numbers doubling in the past five years.

Today, all travelers face increasing risks but women specifically may face their own unique situations. Organizations must adapt to support the increase in women travelers and may need to provide additional training measures to adequately prepare and support women travelers so they can safely and confidently conduct business.

Organizations and employers should provide women travelers with appropriate travel safety and security advice specific to female travelers including:

  • Information on health concerns such as traveling during pregnancy and stress
  • Confidence and assertiveness training
  • Methods for coping when away from family
  • Proper clothing and accessories
  • Cultural and etiquette education for women
  • Geographical awareness and support to limit exposure to crimes against women
  • Emergency contact details, and communication channels and potential challenges
  • Airport arrival and departure times

In addition, the option to refuse to travel to a destination where the risk exceeds the traveler’s tolerance level must be offered and accepted.

While the majority of business travel experiences go off without a hitch, organizations should identify that female travelers may have different travel needs and be prepared to provide the appropriate level of care and support for those traveling alone or with other women.

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