Senator Amy Klobuchar Talks Benefits of Cuba with GBTA Members

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) spoke this afternoon at the 14th Annual GBTA Legislative Symposium, an event that brings business travel professionals to Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers to share opinions on key industry issues.


Senator Klobuchar spoke positively about the FAA bill passing in the Senate, which was received by applause. She spoke passionately about Cuba and her role in leading the charge to lift the Cuba embargo. “Fifty-five years of a failed policy is enough.”  She said that opening passage into Cuba will be a long transition but a worthwhile one. She concluded by telling attendees that “change happens, all we need to do is look for the positive opportunities it brings.”

GBTA also presented Senator Klobuchar with the inaugural GBTA Navigator Award, created to honor Senators and Representatives who have been strong champions for business travelers and the business travel industry.

Senator Klobuchar is a recipient of the Navigator Award for her outstanding leadership and her work to increase the security of our nation’s transportation networks, strengthen aviation safety standards and promote competition leading to a safer, more secure and more productive experience for business travelers. In addition, her efforts to combat human trafficking is an important issue that GBTA strongly supports through its efforts with ECPAT.


In conjunction with the Navigator award, GBTA unveiled a new Rules of the Road for optimizing business travel at its 14th annual Legislative Symposium. GBTA mobilized its members to create this declaration of travel reform to guide industry, business leaders and policy makers in creating a travel ecosystem that fosters growth, jobs, safety and efficiency around the globe.

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