Smart Data, Not Big Data

In a Forbes article today, author and Forbes contributor Bernard Marr wrote, “Big data is sexy.  Data scientists are the unicorns of the job market right now. Some days, it feels as though we are living right on the edge of some science fiction utopian future. But unicorns and sci-fi aside, for businesses, implementing something like a big data strategy has to be more than sexy: it has to be practical.”

During Convention 2016, GBTA Executive Director and COO Mike McCormick sat down with Travel Leaders Corporate President David Holyoke at the GBTA Broadcast Studio. David shared his insights on pushing the boundaries in the travel industry, blending service and technology and, of course, data and analytics.

“Some people say big data, we like to talk about smart data,” David said during the interview. “It’s taking data to a behavioral analytical standpoint, making sense of why decisions were made – good or bad or indifferent – how that’s impacting a program, and growing from that.”

YouTube video

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