GBTA provides two distinct points programs to reward sponsors and exhibitors for choosing to invest with GBTA.

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Priority Points

GBTA Priority Points are awarded to Allied organizations for expo booth purchases each year. Points determine expo order of booth selection for Convention and conferences.

  • 1 Priority Point for each 10 x 10 booth section (booth unit)
  • 1 Priority Point for each table top display at select events
  • 10 Priority Points for each year of expo participation

Priority Points are totaled and organizations are ranked in order of Priority Point total to determine their expo selection appointment time for booth selection. Priority Points earned at any LATAM event will be combined.

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Bonus Points

GBTA Bonus Points are awarded to Allied organizations for non-expo investments and redeemed for special GBTA offers.

Bonus points are earned on:

  • Marketing/Media/Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Education
  • Research

Every $5,000 spent on non-expo investments earn 1 Bonus Point.

Bonus Points are available for redemption for a period of 24 months from when the contract was signed. Allied organization will determine 1 contact person for Bonus Points redemption and ownership.