Spotlight on Christina Reichelt, 2021 WINiT Top 50 Women in Travel Recipient

As Director of Global Account Management & Agency Partnerships for World Travel, Inc., Christina Reichelt is responsible for the first level management of the company’s partner agencies around the world and third-party global affiliations, supporting the growth of clients’ global business needs.

What do you love about being in business travel?
Business travel is a complex puzzle that’s constantly challenging. There are always variables for which to solve and no one solution, which makes it exciting! While leisure travel may be viewed as the more fun and glamorous sister, I believe business travel is a deeply personal facet of corporate life and requires a great deal of care and attention to ensure our travelers have as positive an experience as possible.

What advice would you give to women just starting their careers in business travel?
Get involved; join as many organizations as you can. Build your network and find a mentor (or apply for the GBTA Ladders program!). If you’re just starting out, join every webinar you can, even if it doesn’t apply directly to your role. Becoming well-rounded in all facets of the industry and understanding how the different puzzle pieces fit together will make you better at your job. It may also spark your interest in other areas of the industry.

Did you have a mentor who encouraged you and what did she/he say that still sticks with you?
I’ve been fortunate to have several fantastic mentors over the years, through both the former WINiT Mentor Program and the GBTA Ladders Mentor Program. Of those, Lisa Hoehn helped navigate me through a particularly sticky year in my career. It wasn’t so much any one thing she said but her continuous listening, openness, wisdom, advice and the gift of her valuable time that was crucial in getting me through – and ultimately out of – the situation. Mentorship matters so don’t be shy but also don’t be random; look for someone who is as excited about helping you grow as you are to learn from them.