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Taking Travel Risk Management to the Next Level

With the frequency and severity of global terror and health threats increasing, safety and security have become the number one concern for companies across the globe. From the Istanbul airport terrorist attack earlier this summer to the outbreak of Zika, mitigating risk for business travelers has never been more crucial.

To assist companies in ensuring they have an optimized program in place to mitigate risk, GBTA recently hosted a webinar called Time to Take Your Travel Risk Management Program to the Next Level in 2017 featuring iJET International CEO Bruce McIndoe.  

McIndoe discussed the importance of constantly improving upon programs to prevent future incidents and decrease the proportion of cost and risk incurred to individuals and organizations alike. He shared ways companies can identify gaps and enhance their programs through the use of GBTA’s Travel Risk Management Maturity Model (TRM3) Self-Assessment Tool.

TRM3 enables companies to measure the maturity of their travel risk management programs based on key process areas and provides a specific score and percentile in relation to other companies in the database. The tool offers recommendations to tweak programs accordingly and can be accessed here.


The benefits of travel risk management programs are no secret – they enable companies to identify risks, prepare travelers accordingly, monitor threats in an ever-changing world and respond to incidents as they arise. So why not have the best program possible?

GBTA members may view the webinar in full through the Hub.

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