The Importance of Technology in the SME Market

Having the right resources makes all the difference. And in the business world, resources can set apart competitors, strengthen a struggling organization and allow employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

For SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) these resources are extremely important, as their travel managers typically have other roles and responsibilities they are attempting to balance as well. Having access to tools that provide quick updates on information are key in allowing these travel managers to focus on duty of care and fulfill their roles.

At the GBTA Canada Conference in April, GBTA Executive Director and COO Mike McCormick spoke with Kathy Bedell, senior vice president of BCD Travel, about the SME market. Bedell discussed how developing technology will give travel managers the ability to better serve their employees saying, “the access that we have now to real-time data allows them to make changes to their programs immediately.” She added that it will increase compliance and ease the travel process.

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