Tools for Identifying Risk Amongst the Noise

Amidst the current global risks, business travel remains vital to the economy. In spite of its importance, it can be challenging to sift through all available data to make responsible company decisions. So how can travel managers successfully navigate this process?

At the GBTA Canada Conference in April, COO Mike McCormick spoke with Peter Martin, the Vice Chairman of FocusPoint International, about best practices for risk management.

Martin highlighted the importance of being aware of potential risks and determining what the real threats are in a timely fashion. “Education is the cornerstone of all duty-of-care programs” and informing all employees of the latest policies is vital to a smooth work flow.

Another strategy for risk management is remaining alert for issues like car accidents, street crime and health issues, all things that can get lost in the media when a tragedy strikes. While it is extremely important to be aware of terror threats, travel managers must also pay careful attention to other risks that happen more frequently. By having plans for these issues in place and researching travel locations ahead of time, it allows travel programs to better inform their travelers.

To learn more tips for risk management, view the full video here:

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