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Tough Travels: Business Travelers Tell Us Their Top Pain Points on the Road

Through the lifecycle of a trip, the business traveler will encounter different challenges that can impact their travel experience. Last week, the GBTA Foundation released a new study, in partnership with Sabre Corporation, identifying the most challenging aspects of business travel.

While there are many similarities among business travelers around the globe, there are also a few differences. The following is an overview of each of the regions we surveyed and how they measure up when it comes to different facets of the business traveler experience.

Not surprisingly, most of the most commonly mentioned challenges have one big thing in common – they are all time consuming. Whether it is time spent in transit, a layover or taking time to change a reservation during the trip, these all keep road warriors from focusing on the business part of business travel.

Additionally, many of the issues relate to activities that happen during the trip, which is not surprising as it is the longest part of the trip cycle. Travel programs can address many of the problems that occur before or after the trip by clarifying or streamlining policies, or by adopting better technologies.

Ultimately, those who travel want to save time when possible, be productive and have a pleasant experience, all while accomplishing their business goals. To understand what makes the travel experience a better one, it is important for us to understand what challenges business travelers most commonly face. Stay tuned for an upcoming post that looks at what organizations are doing to make this experience a better one for their travelers. Also, take a look back at why a better business travel experience matters so much.

For more from the report, GBTA members can download Creating a Frictionless Travel Experience for free on the GBTA Hub.

Webinars: The GBTA Foundation and Sabre will also host four regional webinars on this research. The webinars will focus on how the travel experience impacts overall job satisfaction of employees; understanding what key areas have the most impact on overall satisfaction with business travel; and identifying technology and travel policies that help drive and enhance traveler well-being.

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