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TSA Pre✓™ Promotional Toolkit

Downloadable Assets

Since the roll-out of TSA Pre✓™ GBTA has met with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) numerous times discussing ways to provide platforms that easily answer the many questions about TSA Pre✓™. TSA has listened to you and the concerns we have raised and created a Toolkit that allows you to take official material and use it in your company newsletters, send to your travelers and customers, etc!



TSA has new TSA Pre✓™ webpage. The site has Q&A, press releases, a link to the application page, a graphic illustrating the likelihood of getting TSA Pre✓™ and other useful tools. On this site you can also find the Trusted Traveler Program comparison chart, and you can click on the entry portal to the TSA Pre✓™ application.

Now, you have the resources to educate your travelers on one of 2014’s hottest business travel programs.