TSA’s Pistole Coming to Convention

I was very pleased when U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole accepted our invitation to be a featured speaker at this year’s 2014 GBTA Convention in Los Angeles. Of all the agencies and government officials the GBTA Government Relations team deals with, it’s the TSA officers that interact with you and your travelers on a daily basis. So who better than the head of the TSA to come speak to you?

TSA Administrator Pistole Talks with Mike McCormick at GBTA's 2011 Convention in Denver
TSA Administrator Pistole Talks with Mike McCormick at GBTA’s 2011 Convention in Denver

As frequent readers know, we have been very supportive of PreCheck and other expedited screening programs designed to get the known traveler through security more efficiently. In fact, we believe these known traveler programs or risk-based screening is a more reasonable approach than to take scarce resources to pay for more officers to screen all passengers in the same cookie-cutter mold.

Administrator Pistole has been a champion in this regard and PreCheck has grown tremendously under his watch. But with growth of a successful program comes congestion issues and confusion. I hope you will join this Center Stage event as well as the joint Aviation and Government Relations Committee education session on expedited passenger screening programs to learn more about how the travel experience can be improved for the business traveler.