Using Tech to Improve Hotel Experiences

Recently the GBTA Foundation released a whitepaper called Harnessing Technology to Improve Business Traveler Hotel Experiences, sponsored by AccorHotels. The paper was based off a qualitative study with a goal of understanding the technology currently being used by business travelers when they book, arrive and stay at hotels; determining what gaps exist in a business traveler’s hotel experience; and identifying potential technology solutions to close said gaps.

Hotels have the opportunity to turn their attention and resources to addressing a number of areas where technology can play an innovative role in providing business travelers with the tools and amenities they crave.

Areas of Excitement for Tech to Improve the Business Traveler Experience at Hotels

  • Seamless online check-in and room entry
  • Developing a text or app-based concierge service
  • Integrating e-folios into expense reporting software

Areas of Improvement for Tech and the Business Traveler Experience at Hotels

  • Improving technology around the use of airport shuttle services
  • Pre-trip communications – tailoring both email or text based communications to the business traveler as opposed to the leisure traveler
  • Improve the information exchange between hotels and the GDS

No matter what type of new technology is implemented however, tending to the needs and wants of guests is vital and that includes carefully explaining new technology. A foundation of education and experience has the potential to convert even the most traditional traveler to new practices if presented appropriately. The execution and support of any new technology must also be flawless because if a new tool fails to deliver once, it will be difficult to convince those new to the technology to give it another chance. And, as always, it is critical when it comes to new technology that hotels do not lose sight of the importance of customer service.