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Video Blog: Industry Insights on Travel Risk Management

Daily headlines and broadcast news stories make it clear that we live in a risky world. For travel professionals, travel risk management plans are paramount in today’s world. Travel security risks or medical emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, so it is imperative to have a solid risk management plan in place.

During Convention, GBTA Executive Director Mike McCormick sat down at the GBTA Broadcast Studio with risk expert Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET International. Bruce emphasized the importance of preparation as opposed to being in react-mode. He talked about iJET’s philosophy of applying risk management to travel when it comes to polices, training, monitoring and supporting employees on the road, as well as being prepared to act if something bad does happen.

View the full video for more on his thoughts about viewing travel risk management as people risk management and preparing for major global events like the Olympics. Bruce also touches on the importance of the Travel Risk Management Maturity Model (TRM3™) Self-Assessment Tool launched earlier this year.

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