Week In Review

While it may have been a slow news week with the holidays, the week in review post is still here to keep you up to date on all the latest news in business travel.

Hugo Martin of the LA Times reports that airline cancellations have already surpassed 162,000 this year — the most since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He writes about Rule 420, an old federal regulation that was eliminated by most airlines after deregulation of the industry. Passenger advocacy groups are pushing to reinstate the rule, which required airlines to offer seats on a competitor’s next flight after a cancellation if that would get the traveler to his or her destination sooner. Martin also reported that when it comes to cancellations and delays, 93 percent of air travelers said they want airports to warn them about delays and wait times at gates, security checkpoints and customs and passport lines.

Do you travel with your boss? The Business Journals offers seven tips for business travel with your boss. If you do more on the travel management side, Buying Business Travel writes how to manage the maverick traveler and breaks down the seven most common types of maverick travelers providing expert guidance on how to keep these errant travelers in line.

Photo Credit: Simone Ramella
Photo Credit: Simone Ramella

On the international front, The Triangle Business Journals reveals the top 10 international destinations from Raleigh-Durham International airport during 2014. While the international flights make up a small portion of all flights offered out of the airport, most of them are destinations critical to business travel. Looking to do business in South America? USA Today reports that the “stretch” version of Boeing’s Dreamliner will be flying between New York JFK and South America beginning next year.

Check back next Friday for the year’s final week in review post.