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Week in Review

Happy New Year! Today’s week in review post wraps up 2014 and kicks off 2015 putting all the latest news in business travel at your fingertips.

Business Traveller shares all of their biggest stories of 2014 in one place from new aircraft to long-awaited openings and other milestones. USA Today does a best of for 2014 focusing on the best airport amenities seen throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Nick Harris
Photo Credit: Nick Harris

Rob Gill reports in Buying Business Travel on the somber news as bodies and wreckage are found in the search for the Air Asia aircraft. The Wall Street Journal tells us that despite high-profile tragedies, air safety remains tight according to experts. Robert Wall says the number of fatalities from plane crashes this year is a long way off the 1,074 people who were killed in 2005 and numbers were much higher in the 1970s and 1980s, when far fewer people flew.

Do you have a resolution to improve your travel program in 2015? Martin Ferguson of Buying Business Travel talks to experts about focusing on secondary spend, not just air and hotel programs.

What should you expect in 2015? Travel writer Barbara Peterson tells us just that as she looks at the state of air travel in 2015 making predictions for air fare, frequent flier programs, business class and new planes among other things. In The Washington Post, Christopher Elliot writes about what to expect in 2015 travel trends including air, rental cars and hotel. He cites GBTA data showing air fares will get a modest bump and also talks about travel safety and ancillary fees.

Check back every Friday all year to stay on top of business travel news.

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