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Week in Review

Today GBTA announced its support for a Department of Commerce (DOC) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plan to improve inbound air travelers’ experiences. The report DOC and DHS released further underscores the fact that failing to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security could have serious, unintended consequences for business travel, an industry that is expected to account for $310.2 billion in spending during 2015.

Photo Credit: RJ Schmidt
Photo Credit: RJ Schmidt

The Washington Post wrote about how what happened with the GSA workers in Las Vegas three years ago now stymies federal workers. The article says the restrictions are taking an unanticipated toll as employees at a wide range of agencies say the rules are gumming up the machinery of government.

USA Today reported on how some companies are encouraging thrift with a tool that enables employees to earn and cash in points based on what they save the company. Joe Bates, GBTA’s VP of research spoke with Charisse Jones for the article saying businesses have come up with a variety of strategies to encourage employees to be more cost conscious on the road.

Last week GBTA posted the latest news and resources when it comes to hotel WiFi practices. This week USA Today ran an article saying charging for wireless in the 21st century is as silly as it sounds demanding that hotel WiFi be set free. Skift also wrote about hotels this week and their new love for user reviews.

In big news for the business travel industry Expedia announced its acquisition of Orbitz. According to Business Traveler, while official approval by shareholders is still required, the Board of Directors for both companies have approved the transaction.

The Gulliver business travel blog on The Economist addressed airline safety issues as some recent high profile crashes “have led to whispers that perhaps Asian airlines don’t have quite the same dedication to safety as their competitors in other regions”. Gulliver explains why this is silly and details airline safety in general.

In other airline news, the Department of Transportation released a report of its own saying tarmac delays drop to lowest number on record in 2014 according to USA Today. Hugo Martin of the Los Angeles Times tells us that the next trend in airlines could be narrower seats.

Hotel News Now reports certified conference centers are building business by catering to group needs for more customized and localized meeting programs, amenities and services driving a conference center rebound.

Want to make the most out of your next business trip? Forbes provides some business travel tips saying you need to channel your inner boy scout and always be prepared. Skyscanner also shares seven ways to make business trips more fun and less stressful.


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