Week in Review

The week in review is back this week wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend!

Let’s start with what not to do on your next business trip: USA Today reported that a man stripped naked in the Charlotte airport after becoming upset that his flight was overbooked.

Ever wonder why America can’t have high speed rail? CNN’s Michael Smart writes it’s unlikely the United States will ever see the vast network of high-speed trains that blanket other countries and tells us why he thinks that.

Photo Credit: Simon Pielow
Photo Credit: Simon Pielow

The Seattle Times reported on a new FAA cockpit email system that promises to reduce airline delays and is being touted as one of the most significant improvements to the U.S. air traffic system. Charisse Jones of USA Today writes this is the latest piece of NextGen, a program that is seeking new air-traffic control equipment and procedures to make air travel both safer and more efficient.

GBTA Convention 2015 made headlines this week announcing FOX News channel anchor Megyn Kelly as a featured speaker and unveiling another panel where executives will discuss differentiating brands in a sharing economy. GBTA also announced it has surpassed the 1,000 registered buyers mark and is expecting record attendance this July according to Travel and Tour World.



Ancillary fees are now commonplace on airlines, but USA Today looks into the future and talks about what the next big thing is for airline fees?

Successful Meetings reported on a GBTA Foundation study, sponsored by Concur Technologies, that shows an overwhelming majority of companies have risk management protocols in place to keep their business travelers safe.

GBTA voiced its displeasure at a shortsighted Congressional report released this week calling PFC increases a necessity to avoid “chaos” at airports. It wrongly assumes continued tax and fee increases for travelers will not impact the amount of money spent on travel. However, GBTA economic research clearly shows that for every 1 percent increase in price there is drop in demand of one-half to one percent.

Your list for this week highlights 10 airport workouts to keep you moving while you’re on the go.