Week in Review

The industry reacted swiftly and loudly this week after IATA introduced a proposal that standard carry-on baggage sizes be reduced to dimensions about 20 percent smaller than what most major airlines currently allow. IATA put the proposal on hold after much opposition including New York Senator Chuck Schumer who came out against the proposal saying it would put a dent in family’s wallets and hurt business travelers. In a GBTA Foundation poll, GBTA Members agreed and while GBTA was happy to see IATA put the proposal on hold, we believe the proposal should be scrapped entirely.

In other airline news, USA Today reports that Europe’s biggest airlines are pushing for new rules that would blunt the impact of strikes, reduce taxes and bring in aviation rules patterned after those in the United States. Also, in USA Today, two big U.S. airlines are bunching flights at their hubs in an attempt to tighten connections and raise revenue. This could help add more connecting options, but does it also up the risk for flight delays?

Location-based targeting is becoming increasingly more attractive to marketers in today’s digital world. Hotel Marketing says the travel sector may be best-suited to leveraging specific geofencing tactics to snatch up consumers in nearby vicinities looking for last-minute activities or accommodations.

The Hill reports on news on Capitol Hill saying a House Democrat is introducing legislation to ban guns in airport areas that are located before security checkpoints.

Skift reports on three ways the Internet of Things – the popular buzzword that came out of the SITA Air Transport IT Summit (ATIS) in Brussels this week – will change flying and make it less of a hassle. Think finding your way easier, knowing exactly where your stuff is and transforming bookings with “smart retail”.

Finally, check out this list from Small Business Trends filled with savvy tips for smart business travel.