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Week in Review

The GBTA Foundation has been rolling out a multitude of research this week. Tnooz covered a new report showing current business traveler attitudes and experiences including the impact of technology, journey pain points and the general state of corporate travel. Travel Daily News reported on a study looking at the future of travel managers saying their roles will see an increased focus on mobile, virtual payments and data. Finally, Associations Now delved into a new whitepaper asking how can technology better our hotel experiences.

TSA is in the news again with USA Today writing that improvements made to address recent issues could cause longer wait times for travelers. Shameless plug: Attend GBTA Convention where you can enroll in TSA PreCheck and expedite your experience at the airport.

Skift reports that U.S. Airlines lead the world in ancillary revenue as the total tops $38 billion in 2014. The top ten airlines combined earned close to $25 billion in ancillary revenue during 2014.

At Heathrow airport activists breached the airport’s perimeter fence and launched a protest on one of the airfield’s runways causing delays for many fliers, according to USA Today.

Hugo Martin of the LA Times writes about a new seat design from one of the world’s largest airline seat makers that could have cram more seats onto an airline and also have you sitting backwards if you get stuck with a middle seat.

Your list for this week gives you the 10 best apps to pack for business travel and I leave you with a bonus infographic featuring device habits of travelers.

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