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Week in Review

What’s new for the business traveler? Charisse Jones at USA Today writes about the latest in packing apps designed to take a load off business travelers, so you’ll never have to pack and schlep your bags around for a business trip again. You’ll also be covered once you arrive at the airport, according to another USA Today story on a new service that checks you in for your flight automatically. Once you arrive at your destination, Business Traveller tells us robots working in the travel industry will help improve the level of service you receive.

Are you enrolled in a Trusted Traveler Program? Bart Jansen reports that an increasing number of travelers are arriving at U.S. airports leading many more citizens to join trusted traveler programs to get through checkpoint lines faster. When it comes to airport security lines, TSA is warning travelers that the longer lines may be here to stay as the agency tries to do more with less, according to a CBS New York report.

Skift talks new tools and designs this week. Dennis Schaal reports on a new tool from Google with its official launch on mobile of a feature that enables users to conduct side-by-side price comparisons of flights and hotels for various destinations within a country. Marisa Garcia writes about the designers that have mastered the better first-class cabin. Hugo Martin of the LA Times talks about another kind of new design – Boeing has invented a self-cleaning airplane bathroom.

In GBTA news, TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger will be a featured speaker at GBTA Convention 2016 in Denver this July. Also, MPI and GBTA recognized the latest CMM recipients from the 2015 Dominican Republic class.

This week I leave you with both an infographic and a list:

Tnooz – Airport Experience and Digital Travel by 2018

Buying Business Travel5 Tips When Travelling to Emerging Countries 


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